• Disposable Trocar
  • Needleless Connector
  • Disposable I.V.Flow Regulator(FR-III)
  • 4-Way Stopcock
  • Hi-Pressure 3-Way Stopcock
  • Luer-Lock Stopcock with Extension Tube
  • Peelable Introducer
  • Disposable Basic Dressing Pack
  • Disposable Puncture Set for Anesthesia
  • I.V.Cannula
Medical Catheter

FoShan Special Medical Co., Ltd. is located in the Foshan, Guangdong Province, where is one of economic successful area in China, founded in March, 1994, by a group of high degree scholars specialized in the biomedical engineering and medical device from both in the United States and China, for the purpose of marketing short-term and intermediate-term access catheters, satisfying customs demands, offering pleased service, ensuing fast and accurate communication. We provide central venous catheter, hemodialysis catheter and other products to our customers.

Special Medical Co., Ltd. is one of the predominant manufacturers of catheter for short-term to intermediate-term vascular access in interventional medicine, invasive...

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